Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Effective cover letters raises your chances of getting a job - by a huge margin

I came across this blog post when I was searching for sample cover letters. I have to say, the author has summed up very nicely on what to do and what not to do. One commenter stated that a tiny percentage applies with a cover letter in the "correct format".

What is the correct format? In high school, we were taught the basic format:

Intro (very small)
Point 1 - emphasize
Point 2 - emphasize
Point 3 - emphasize

Cover letters aren't supposed to tell everything about your resume - they include the information the resume doesn't. If you reveal everything about your resume in the cover letter, chances are the person looking at your cover letter won't be very interested when they read your CV. In short - reveal your main highlights, and tell them why you're fit for the job. It's like an interview on paper - not standardized, and must convey the punchline.

Credit: Ask A Manager. View post here

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