Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Apple doesn't want to be liable, and wants you to hush up!

A story from The Times Online has been floating on the internet like hot cakes. In short, a girl had purchased an iPod for almost 150 quid, saw it overheat, dropped it outside, and it flew high up in the air (around 10 feet). When the father went for a refund, he instead got a "letter...stated that, in accepting the money, Mr Stanborough was to “agree that you will keep the terms and existence of this settlement agreement completely confidential”, and that any breach of confidentiality “may result in Apple seeking injunctive relief, damages and legal costs against the defaulting persons or parties”.

(Ellen Stanborough in the picture; Mr. Stanborough was the girl's father) (Picture: from The Times)

Now on such incidents, who'd sign it? Mr. Stanborough didn't, and I wouldn't be surprised. Instead, he played smart, and publicized this method of hushing up customers. Apple, apparently, does not want to be liable (but was willing to give a refund on the condition stated above).

The cause of the explosion was the Li-Ion battery, well known to pack in alot of energy, but at the same time, overheat at times if stressed.

So what does this mean? Does Apple want to protect it's reputation, or does it want to hush up all defects, or both? Either way, they haven't been getting good press lately because of the Google Voice app rejection scandal. I'm not a fan of Apple (because they weren't always original) but this isn't adding that fandom as well. Besides, the iPod is compatible with some players only, and the restrictions that they've got on the player are just appaling! I have a Creative Zen (but that's another story) and did you know Creative filed a lawsuit against Apple for copying their hierarchical interface?

I don't like you Apple, nor did I like you before. Even the iPhone has restricted functionality - WHY CAN'T YOU GET ANYTHING RIGHT?! That said, though I got the Zen for free (long story, and I had never heard of Creative's portable media player line), I like it for it's simplicity and earphones (which are tons better than Apple's).

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