Monday, August 3, 2009

Avoid traffic jams - drive like a jerk!

This is rather amusing. A research study suggested that if you drive like a jerk, chances are the traffic will keep on flowing.

Physicists at Sweden's Umea University suggested that if you drive like sheep and follow all traffic rules, you'll bump into a traffic jam eventually. But it comes with a warning - don't tailgate, otherwise you'll not only be breaking the law, but you'll increase the chances of an accident, in addition to creating a pile up.

But it still doesn't explain the frequent traffic jams in Pakistan :/

The article says (read more here)

...physicists at Sweden's Umea University found that while we're all taught to obey the traffic rules no matter what, doing so just makes for bottlenecks. Mix in some maverick drivers, however, and suddenly, logjams begin to ease as the percentage of drivers willing to pass on the right or zip past a pack of trundling cars on a two-lane actually help to keep the traffic flowing smoothly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you now have a reason to not obey traffic rules!

(disclaimer: I won't be responsible for your actions - you're in control of your own actions, not me)

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