Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sorry for that. I've been away from my PC for the last two days. Turns out that I am now an uncle... again.

And I've been pooped with work. Tons and tons of work. And well - this stupid sound is constantly playing in the background. Here's how:

> I installed Windows again (did you know that Windows has a half-life of each installation?)
> Installed Live Messenger (w/o the Flash plugin)
> skip tons of days in between - I don't have an entire timeline built
> my cousin chats with me, sends me a wink (the animated Flash animated things w/ sound)
> the chat window tells me to install Flash.

So I open Explorer (well - that's what the chat window opened, though I use Firefox religiously) and it installed Flash. I had closed the chat window. And now that Flash has been installed, it's making weird kissing sounds.

So what's delayed - MSN or me returning to the computer? :P

EDIT: just saw that it's my Explorer window, and the kissing sound comes with the animation on MSN's page, basically showing a confirmation Flash is installed. Now THAT is silly of me LOL.

More later.

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