Sunday, June 7, 2009


This post marks the first day of the blog.

So what exactly is Caffeine? Nothing, really. It was a random name that I thought of when my sister was thinking of starting a blog and making some money.

Caffeine, in short, will feature posts about different things - mostly things that are either weird, interesting, or just plain amusing.

Your next question will be "why". Why? Good question! The reason I'm making this blog is so that I have an avenue of expressing the sad state of affairs around myself - you'll get to know about more things later on. There are so many (exciting...) events that take place around me that it's unfair to leave them undocumented.

But this blog won't be focused only on events - it'll feature tidbits from here and there (anyone seen Lifehacker? I don't intend to take away their traffic - those guys do a splendid job, and I read them daily... what I'm saying is that I'll follow a similar pattern) so the viewers don't get bored (nor do the AdSense guys!)

It's 11.12PM here in Pakistan (we're following DST) and I gotta lock up the house. Till tomorrow, ciao.

EDIT: tomorrow = day time, but today.

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