Saturday, September 19, 2009

Telenor Pakistan's Customer Support Initiative - via SMS

When using *444# to inquire about the balance, I got the message that the SMS bundles won't be available for Eid, but right after that, it said "SMS queries to 346".

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345 is their SMS-based number for various services, but it turns out that when I texted "queries" to 346 (yes, a silly thing to do), I got a message stating I'll get a response in 5 minutes (which I didn't) but I did get one later on, stating (in Urdu)

Moaziz customer takleef k liyay hum moazrat khwah hain k aarzi tor per Bundled SMS ki sahulat band ker di gai hai 24 september dopahr 2 bajay tak.

Which loosely translates to: SMS bundles have been temporarily suspended till 24th September till 2 PM.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Then I decided to write the following

Is this another helpline type of a service? Are we charged anything for txting to 346? And what exactly can we use this service for?

To which I was promised another reply in 5 minutes, but after not-sure-how-long, I got

ASK is another convenient way to reach customer services for your queries/activations by sending an SMS in English/Urdu @ only 50 paisa+Tax to 346.

This does convey two things:
1) They have their punctuation and spelling (and grammar too) correct, and
2) Pretty nifty, and easier than calling their helpine and waiting (I haven't tried calling them in ages, since I prefer email).

Good job, I'll say. Are there other companies in Pakistan that have similar modes of contacting CSRs?

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